Back Story

Studying psychology in school and being a registered behavior tech in the mental health field I've always had strong interest in human behavior. Its because of these studies I came across Abraham Maslow's theory of the Jonah Complex. Named so due to the biblical story of Jonah and the whale. God gave Jonah instructions to walk in his devine path, Jonah refused and got swallowed by a whale. He had refused due to uncertainty in the what he believed the outcome would be. The fear of not knowing, led him to refuse a path that was destined for him. This is something many of us have dealt with if not still dealing with in our lives. I'm here to tell you we don't have to. And we definitely don't have to be eaten by a whale to know better.


 (Pieter L. Painting)

Now we all know and have heard about overcoming the fear of failure in order to reach our goals, but this theory took a different approach. This theory showed that often times it's not the fear of failing that freezes us to take that step forward, but the thought of uncertainty to what comes once we succeed. Basically, that "what now" feeling... Increased responsibility, expectations, longevity, anxiety, exposure and among many other factors that we all come across when reaching a higher level in our potential. Yet, no one really talks about them, for whatever reason. Much less how to handle them when they slap you in the face. This is where the mental health aspect comes in play. We need to support each other and own these struggles so that we can overcome them, then inspire others to do the same.

I wanted to support Maslow's theory by sharing the message that it is not that we feel we are incapable of great things, it is that we are often afraid of what comes with being great. But I wanted to share in a way that inspired the God given paths we all have, a way that can motivate but also bring awareness to the mental health issues that many come across in their path to reaching their highest potential..... and thus Conquer The Complex was born.


This brand, this community and this apparel is meant to remind those that know they can achieve more, yet feel stuck by circumstance, uncertain if they can "handle" more, or whatever story you're telling yourself, that your mindset can be your biggest stepping stone or your biggest obstacle, either way the choice is still yours.

Embrace your path and conquer any limiting beliefs along the way.

Conquer your mindset, Conquer the Complex,

Donovan Heard (Founder)